Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blackbird by Sarah Mclachlan.

Nostalgia came our way last night in the form of notes and lyrics. It amazed me how we both liked Katie Stevens' Let It Be, loved Lee's Hey Jude, and laughed aloud while listening to Siobhan Magnus's Across The Universe while trying to recall a co-worker who does a lousy rendition of the Fiona Apple cover. It made my heart skip a beat the way we both sang along over Sarah Mclachlan's Blackbird (while remembering Sean Penn's moment) and Bryan Adams and Mel C's When You're Gone. We reminisced how we played patintero and watched MTV when we were young while Sheryl Crow's My Favourite Mistake was playing in the distance. We laughed so hard because we had a really hard time remembering who sang Out Of My Head, and thanks to Google, I learned that it was Fastball.

Thanks for last night, babe. It was like having a pint of ice cream on a really hot and lazy afternoon. Orgasmic. :-D

PS: It was funny how you had a hard time saying Culture Club. :)

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