Friday, May 14, 2010


Well today's just one of the many days where I want so much to have a beer night with some friends, and when you realize they're not there, you sulk and you want to do it so bad that you just turn your computer on in hopes of finding something worthwhile to get the thought out of your mind for a bit. And the past three days have been pretty bad, too much stuff going on inside my nose, my head hurts on a daily basis, all these, keeping me fuzzy and nervous and a little too vulnerable.
First, I have never been out on a real beer night in a few months. I mean, I have a few bottles every now and then, but not the type I used to have. I must have aged, and so I guess alcohol tolerance goes with it. The higher you age, the lower the tolerance level goes, contrary to popular belief. And yes, I do get drunk so often when I take a few bottles. And the hang-over. Ah! It's mind breaking.
I think I'm loving my morning shift the past fifteen days. Or thirteen, eleven coz I went on leave for a couple of days. No late marks on my DTR! *clap clap* I wasn't so keen about my ins and outs but when I incurred a 40-min late mark over a period of fifteen days, well, the rest, as they say, is history. But I'll let you in on a little bit. I was, you know, made to face THAT face. And by that, I mean a couple of eyebrows meeting somewhere over a crooked nose, eyes that pierce, and a voice, so tiny and sweet, you think nothing is happening. But the words! They were a bit, uh, devastating. In some sense, but who cares!? I made something wrong didn't I? And it was a small price to pay, I guess. Lucky me.
Hmmn, today I got the chance to visit a preggy "bro". I'm glad to finally see her tummy bulge so big, and so tight I thought for a second it might actually burst. I'm looking forward to seeing Baby Emerald in the next couple of weeks, and so the wait begins.
Ahhh, I'm talking endless here, nonsense. When all I ever want is to have a few casual drinks. Poor me, might end up later watching Chuck. Still, no beer.


  1. Ranting... Hehe. =P

  2. hahaha.. "a couple of eyebrows meeting somewhere over a crooked nose, eyes that pierce" - i know who SHE(?!?!) is.. lolz

    =from someone who knows u.. (winks)