Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It was a Monday.

The day started like all other days of the week normally do. I woke up early, skipped breakfast, said a short prayer at the chapel, took short strides going to the classroom, enjoying the view of the campus in the early morning hours while trying to recall what I studied the past couple of days. It's quiz time again. And in the world of Med, Mondays are dreadful. And manic.

I finished the exam 15 minutes too early and went out. The time has come.

She was already seated at the long table outside the classroom, reviewing the answers with some friends. She took a glance, and I smiled back. We were going to lunch together.

For the first time that day, and after a difficult exam, I finally found a reason to feel light. So I waited for her at the other end of the hallway, sneaking glances at her. And when she was finally over, she went over me and gave me the smile I knew so well. It was time for lunch.

She sat across me, with an air of confidence that a lady should possess-- not too empowering, not too intimidating. We were the only costumers then. She talked about her love for music, about the French movies that she like, about books and songs that mean a lot. She even made me listen to The Weepies, and I loved it. We hit the Book Sale after lunch and bought some good stuff. It was like nothing happened. It was as if we did not talk for a couple of months. It was beautiful and surreal yet it was painful and sad all at the same time.

We listened to a sad love song on our way back to school. It was tender and sensitive and spoke of the thing that we have. It was the longest lunch we've had, together.

It was a Monday and it started like all other days of the week normally do. It made me proud knowing that Mondays can turn out to be so good even after hitting you hard in all the wrong places.

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