Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cancer by My Chemical Romance

'Radiation' means food from the sun.
We dream of a place where 'terminal' is just a building where you take off and fly.
We long for a place where 'mass' is something
you hear on Sundays,
where 'cobalt' is just an ore of silver-gray,
and where 'ICU' really means we'll see
each other again.
We hope for a place where 'CT Scan' means
surveying the capital,
where the 'Big C' is just a great expanse of blue,
where 'Stage 4' is a place where you perform,
speaks from memory, and meet praise--
a place where 'remission' means absolutely,
positively, finally just that.
This is our dream. Help us fight for it.

Got this ad from a daily newspaper. Help fight the Big C.

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