Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love You, Whitney!

It's a new year, and what better way to start it than with a resolution. An absolute resolution. I need to shave off my drinking habits, and I am getting good at it. Now I spend my lazy afternoons after work watching TV, reading a book, browsing through old papers or just while away the hours going through stuffs over the net that catch my eyes. With this daily routine in hand, I came across Masterchef US Season 1, and Whitney Miller instantly caught my eye. Yes, the first ever Masterchef. I saw her through her struggles, criticisms, triumphs, and yes, I saw her unfold before my eyes to become the person she is now.

Ironically, I am not much of a fanatic. Well, until I saw Whitney. I idolize her, I fantasize about her, I dream about her. Actually, I LOVE HER! It had always been my dream to find a girl who could cook really well for me; who's young at heart, and has got the giggles every man would want to wake up to; who's got the smile that indeed could melt one's heart. I have been so passionate about it that whenever I watch her on the show, I could actually feel the way she does. If she's close to tears, then yes, I am, too. When she smiles, I smile. I could actually feel her near, it felt so surreal, so magical. She was so far, yet so near.

Here's Whitney, the type of girl I want to marry someday ;-)


  1. hahaha patay tayo dyan.. may the best man win nalang.. wahehehehe

  2. Haha ang ganda, ano? May the best man win nga. Tsk. Hahaha