Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letter #8: To Someone Who Stalks You

Hey you! Yes you, my stalker!

I was supposed to hit the hay when I came across your tumblr. No, scratch that. I intentionally visited your page to see if there were any new pictures, and surprisingly, I found an article instead. A long one. Something I wasn't used to seeing in your site. When I read the first line, Ah! I instantly knew it was mine. :-)

So, to make things different, here are the list of things I am proud about you:
1. You speak really GOOOOD English.
2. You write so well and you take snapshots even better.
3. You were never the spoiled brat even back then. You ate what was served in front of you, even if it was just Lucky Me or a can of sardines.
4. You speak French, German maybe, some Spanish I think?
5. You get paid. A LOT. Doing something you really love.
6. You appreciate simple things, like a random post, or a few messages over the chat box.
7. You dream big.
8. You take risks. Like joining this Sinulog Photo Contest. Ghaad, I don't have the nerves to be at par with some of the country's best. I know I couldn't measure up to them, or the standards of whoever you were working with. But you took some really good pictures, and while I was looking at them, I beamed with pride.
9. You laugh even at the corniest jokes. MY corniest jokes.
10. You take time to be with old friends.
11. You are not picky when it comes to people.
12. You always put your work first more than anything else, like the time we stayed at your house there; even if we slept really late, you still managed to wake up early, leave us a note on what to eat, and end the day with a few bottles of beer. Now, that's outrageous!
13. Actually, this list could go on and on and on. And I know I couldn't end it in a nice way. Hence, this picture.

May this image transport you back to when we were young, carefree, and restless. I know you are having the time of your life there, but I'm glad to know that even if we haven't said our hellos in months, you are still there. And rest assured, I will always be here. I got your back, buddy.

I miss you loads!

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