Monday, February 7, 2011

The Beginning of a Lifelong Journey

Are these signs?

1. It's February 7, 2011. The first day of registration of the NMAT, or the National Medical Aptitude Test (or something). And I didn't go to work due to an upset stomach, so instead I applied here, online. Great.
2. I'm re-running Grey's Anatomy.
3. I'm listening to Grey's Anatomy songs.
4. A friend told me where to stay in Manila on the day of the exam.
5. I'm having a good feeling that this is going to work out just fine.

Whew! I'm on my way now to a road that doesn't have a way back. Wish me luck, include me in your prayers. Meanwhile, I'm just going to ask my mom to pay the BPI account for my exam so I can get the papers already.

It's a rainy afternoon, so keep warm guys! :-)


  1. Thanks Reina :-) It's gonna be a tough road.

  2. @oliversiblerxn: I think I am. I don't know if that makes me more nervous than excited.

  3. Oh wow! hey good luck for your exams! thanks for following BTW... hehehehehe

  4. @Xprosaic: Thanks for wishing me luck, and for following me, too! Hehehe =P

  5. Good luck trikstar ... Let me know when you passed the exam =)

  6. Thanks, chinchan! I'll let you guys know when that happens, IF it happens at all :-)