Monday, February 21, 2011

Golf? I'd Rather Gulp.

The 64th Philippine Airlines Interclub Golf Tournament was a blast, considering that nothing unexpected happened. But as a bystander for medical emergencies, it was, to me, a bit of a bore. But luckily, I found company in the words of Frank McCourt through his book Angela's Ashes; drank a lot of Coke Zero and Del Monte Pineapple juice; took the players' blood pressures all throughout the duration of the event; blogged through my phone; read an old edition of the Medical Blue Book; witnessed everything and everyone as they came and passed by.

It was boring, but it surely was worth my time considering there were lots of emergency operations those days back at the hospital. At least, at the Golf Club, it wasn't that toxic. I'll be returning there for the Men's Division come Wednesday. I hope it would just come and go as expected.

Cheers to the players!


  1. angela's ashes is one of my favorite books i read so far...

  2. but........ you'll learn more in that toxic place!

    anyway, i love coke zero cause im chubby and i believe coke zero can make me super sexy. haha!

  3. @Reina: LOL LOL LOL Natawa naman ako dun sa 'i believe coke zero can make me super sexy' Hahahahaha Ayos ah!!