Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Simple Life

Living a simple life takes more than just contentment. It is a lifelong journey, and with its constant turns and bends here and there, going back to living this kind of life is just as beautiful as the other.

So, here's me, riding a small dragon coaster in the middle of the festivities here in Bukidnon.

This is something I have been doing since I was a kid, and even if I will become a Med student sometime in the near future, this kind of adrenaline rush will always be on my list.


  1. Oo nga eh. Anyways, nice song on your blog. That Mayer song.. Nice :)

  2. thats so cool! tagal nko di man lang naka bisita ng carnival :(

  3. @The Pink Fence: Yeah, it was waaaay too cool! You should try it sometime. Ang sarap balik-balikan ang nakasanayan. Hehehe